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***PLEASE NOTE: WeekendEvents markets are now closed until Labour Weekend. Our season finishes at Easter each year.

If you would like to create a profile in the booking system for next season, please do so. You will then be on our database and will be kept in the loop for next seasons dates :-)


All stallholders must apply through our new 
online booking system. 
Book & pay for a single market, regular dates or for the whole season.

Step 1. Create an account & await approval (approval sent via email)
Step 2. Once approved, you can login to the booking system and book & pay for stalls anytime 

Your details are saved so each time you want to book & pay, it's easy!

Payments can be via the online payment in the booking system or bank deposit/online banking. FAQ's below!

Other Helpful Documents

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Please read the Market Guide/T&C's document as many of your questions may also be answered in the document.


Q. Do I have to use the booking system?

A. Yes, all bookings are now via the booking system for the Waihi Beach Sunday Market, Waihi Beach Summer Fair and Whangamata Weekend Markets and now - Hootnanny!

Q. Can I book for the whole season? (Waihi Beach Sunday Market & Whangamata Weekend Markets)

A. Yes

Q. If I book for the whole season, do I need to pay for the whole season at once?

A. No, you can make regular bank deposits. Just make sure you've paid prior to each market date and that you include your business details so your payment can be reconciled/identified. Stalls are not confirmed until payment is received.

Q. Can I book & pay for a single market date?

A. Yes

Q. Can I book for a bunch of market dates? 

A. Yes. You can book dates from the first market of the season till the last market of the season. Hurray for booking freedom!

Q. How can I pay?

A. You have multiple options.

#1. You can pay at the time of booking through the booking system via a credit or debit card. Payments processed through Stripe. Please note there is a 1% fee by the booking system to process payments

#2. You can make a bank deposit. Just follow the booking system, you will be given the bank account details as you proceed through the process. There are seperate accounts for each event. 

Q. When do I need to pay for my stall? 

A. Stalls need to be paid prior to the market date so that the payment is visible by Wednesdays for site allocation. This is for the Waihi Beach Sunday Market & Whangamata Weekend Markets only. Summer Fair stalls must be paid within 2 weeks of booking.

Q. Will I know where my stall will be prior to the event?

A. Yes.The info will be emailed to you.

Regular stallholders for Waihi Beach Sunday Market & Whangamata Weekend Markets will have the same site each date.

Q. Do I need to include a H&S document?

A. Yes. But only once when you apply initially. You can attach your own H&S doc or use the sample template provided if you don't have one yet.

Q. Will I be given site & market information?

A. Yes, you will be emailed site & market info prior to the date.